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Litigation - What is it?

18 Mar 2016
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Merriam-Webster’s defines litigation as, “to carry on a legal contest by judicial process.” A legal contest usually means a civil action or lawsuit. Simply put, litigation is a way to resolve a legal dispute.

Top 10 Traffic Ticket Myths

18 Mar 2016
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Myth – Traffic Ticket Lawyers are a waste of money.

Truth – Traffic Ticket Lawyers often save their clients time, frustration and money.


Myth – Traffic Ticket Lawyers can’t possibly get a speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation without traffic school.

Case Value

18 Mar 2016
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How much is my case worth?

People are uncomfortable talking about money. Judges, juries, lawyers, and clients are all uncomfortable talking about money. Society tells us that such talk is impolite. Maybe society is right. But the very purpose of our legal system in personal injury cases is to fairly compensate the injury victim for his/her injuries. Accordingly, the goal of a personal injury lawyer is for the client to be monetarily compensated for his/her injuries.

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