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Aircraft Owner Liability - 101

18 Mar 2016
Published in Blog

One question I am asked quite often has to do with accident liability… specifically, if you own an airplane, and something bad happens, how can it be avoided?

Some of the questions I have been asked include:

What if I loan my airplane to a friend or lease it to an FBO, I have no control over the aircraft, if a crash occurs, can I be held liable?

Can I form a corporation or a limited liability company that will technically own my aircraft and thereby avoid personal liability if my airplane crashes?

Insurance - How much is enough?

18 Mar 2016
Published in Blog

As a former insurance agent, a former insurance defense attorney and a former defender of insurance companies in bad faith lawsuits, I have seen just about everything.

I defended a physician who was near retirement and had substantial assets. The physician had bodily injury liability limits of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident. The Plaintiff in that case asked the jury to award over $100,000 for medical bills plus a significant amount for pain and suffering. Had the Plaintiff prevailed, the good doctor would have been covered for only a fraction of the total judgment and her personal assets would have been at risk.

Changing Lawyers

18 Mar 2016
Published in Blog

This article will inform you how to switch from one attorney to another during the handling of your legal matter. Before you switch attorneys, you must first terminate or end the attorney/client relationship with your first lawyer.

You must first tell your attorney that you no longer want him or her to continue representing you. The best way to do this is by written letter followed by a telephone call confirming your intentions. That way, both you and your attorney will know that you intend to end your attorney/client relationship.

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