When Justice Takes a Wrong Turn: The Dereliction of Duty and the Unlawful Courtroom Maneuvers in Traffic Ticket Cases

Jan 11 2024

For over a year, a concerning scene has unfolded in our courtrooms. Traffic violations, those seemingly minor bumps on the road of daily life, have become warped into a twisted landscape where fairness buckles under the weight of a dereliction of duty and the court grapples with an unlawful burden. The culprit? District Attorney Steve Wolfson's inexplicable refusal to prosecute these public offenses, leaving a dangerous void in the pursuit of justice.

Duty Abandoned, Justice Adrift:

The district attorney's mandate is etched in stone: to represent the people in the pursuit of justice and prosecute all public offenses. Traffic violations, regardless of their perceived triviality, fall squarely under this sacred oath. Yet, for over a year, the district attorney, Steve Wolfson, has chosen to turn a blind eye, abandoning his duty and leaving a gaping hole in the legal fabric. This isn't simply an oversight; it's a brazen disregard for the law and a betrayal of the public trust. In his absence, justice stumbles, leaving individuals vulnerable and the scales of fairness permanently tilted.

Unlevel Playing Field, Unfair Outcomes:

Traffic court often presents a lopsided battleground. Defendants, often lacking legal counsel, face off against trained police officers wielding the state's case. The district attorney's role, with his legal expertise and commitment to due process, is to level this playing field. He ensures both sides are heard, safeguards defendants' rights against potential bias, and upholds the principle of equal justice for all. In his absence, individuals stand alone, potentially victim to unfair outcomes and a system devoid of balance.

Misconduct Untamed, Safety Unbalanced:

Police officers, though vital to public safety, are not immune to error or misconduct. Without the district attorney acting as an independent investigator and prosecutor, complaints against officers accused of unfair ticketing practices or harassment could languish unheard. His involvement deters potential abuse, ensures officers operate within the bounds of the law, and safeguards individual rights. By shirking this responsibility, the district attorney, Steve Wolfson, leaves the door open for unchecked misconduct, potentially impacting not just individuals but the delicate balance of public safety.

Ripple Effects Ignored, Consequences Amplified:

Traffic violations, while seemingly small, can trigger a tsunami of consequences. Suspended licenses, hefty fines, and insurance hikes can spiral into economic hardship, job loss, and even family turmoil. In rare cases, overzealous enforcement without proper oversight can escalate into confrontations or even tragic accidents. The district attorney, with his broader perspective, can consider these potential consequences and make informed decisions about prosecution, minimizing collateral damage and prioritizing public safety. By abandoning this duty, they risk amplifying the ripple effects of minor infractions, turning them into major societal problems.

Courtroom Overreach, Justice Undermined:

In the vacuum left by the district attorney, Steve Wolfson's dereliction, the court has taken on the unlawful burden of prosecuting traffic infractions. This usurpation of power not only undermines the established legal framework but also raises concerns about fairness and accountability. Courts are not equipped to handle the intricacies of prosecution, potentially leading to errors, inconsistencies, and a further erosion of public trust in the judicial system. This overreach is not just improper; it's a recipe for injustice.

For over a year, the refusal to prosecute traffic violations has cast a long shadow on our justice system. Individuals stand unprotected, fairness hangs by a thread, and the very fabric of law is strained. It's time for the district attorney to remember his sworn duty and reclaim his rightful place in the pursuit of justice. Only then can we hope to navigate the twists and turns of traffic infractions with fairness, accountability, and a commitment to the greater good. Let us not allow this unlawful detour to become the new normal. Let us demand a return to justice, one traffic ticket at a time.

Joseph R Maridon

Joseph R. Maridon, Jr., Esq. graduated from the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2003. Since then he has worked primarily as a civil litigator on cases ranging from simple auto accidents with minor injuries to multi-million dollar auto, truck and aviation cases involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

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